Eat healthy—Be healthy

Modern medicine has proven clear links between an unhealthy diet and an unhealthy body. So we are getting smarter about what foods we eat. We are now overwhelmingly choosing lean proteins like fish over other proteins such as beef, high in saturated fats. We are choosing fish, high in health promoting omega-3 fatty acids, to keep our hearts and arteries nimble and our immune systems robust. We are choosing fish, high in minerals and vitamins and lacking the sugars and preservatives so common in processed foods. The first step to a healthy life is choosing the right food at the supermarket.




How we grow our fish

We grow our fish in greenhouses in sunny Florida. Their water comes from pristine aquifers and they feed on natural algae and very high-grade proteins in our pelleted feeds. They are guaranteed free of mercury, chemicals, drugs and preservatives—just wholesome fish. They are offered Fresh/Never-Frozen, compliant with the highest USDA and FDA regulations and available all year-long. SunShine Fillets are the answer to having to buy fish imported from half way across the world, grown in unsanitary conditions and potentially full of harmful chemicals. Reclaim your right to healthy food and don’t settle for anything but the best in fish.




Growing earth-friendly fish

We are Biologists with a thorough understanding of Aquatic Science and a manifested commitment to use natural processes in growing our fish. Our proprietary science allows us to grow our fish in an earth-friendly way. We capture the sun's radiance in our greenhouses to heat our water and promote the algae growth that gives our fish their high omega-3 fatty acid content. The oxygen produced in the photosynthesis of the algae saves on energy for aeration, reducing our carbon footprint. Beneficial microorganisms seeded in our tanks process waste and allow for minimal water use. All the while making sure our water quality for the fish is ideal so they can grow to their full potential and thrive under the Florida sun. The result is a clean healthy fish with exquisite natural flavors and firm fresh texture.




J. Michael Mogollon, MS

Michael is the President of EarthCare Aquaculture Inc. He is a Harvard Biologist and holds a Master of Science degree in Aquaculture/Fisheries from Auburn University. He has 35 years of experience in commercial aquaculture and has been dedicated for the past 15 years to the design and operation of environmentally sustainable aquaculture systems. He and his wife Claudia (a Marine Biologist, Scuba Instructor and longtime Ocean conservation advocate) enjoy an organic diet at home and are involved in a number of environmental organizations.
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Mike Schoener-Scott

Mike is Chief of Farm Operations so he oversees all aspects of fish husbandry. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M University. Mike has over 15 years of commercial experience in Tilapia aquaculture in south Florida. He enjoys scuba diving, boating and most water sports. He is an avid reader of books on healthy eating and still enjoys lots of exercising like he did in his days of competitive swimming.


Eddy-Michel Daniel

Eddy is our consultant in Processing. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from Cornell University and a distinguished 30 year career in seafood processing. He brings with him deep experience in Food Safety and Food Quality and is certified in HACCP. He has worked in a number of integrated farm-to-fork seafood operations and has been President and Chairman of the Board, Florida Organic Growers and Consumers Association (FOG), promoting organic and safe food agriculture. He is a consummate foodie and health enthusiast.




Why sustainability is important

Every day we understand more and more how our planet's ecosystems are more inter-connected than we previously thought. Radiation in Japan makes its way into fish caught off the coast of California. Mercury emanating into the atmosphere from coal burned anywhere on the planet will show up thru the food chain into your canned tuna. Overly used pesticides find their way into your morning eggs. We can no longer avoid the reality that we are planetary citizens, all sharing air, water and soil. Now globalization of the food supply has us sharing food. If we poison the planet it will poison us because nature has limits on how quickly and how well it can correct the environmental disasters we create. To keep our food clean we must keep the environment clean. EarthCare Aquaculture is proof that commercial quantities of healthy protein can be produced using natural processes. It is Nature's Way.